Sales Excellence Survey

What are the key strategies that differentiate outstanding producers in today’s investment industry?

– What skills do stand-out producers have?
– How have top salespeople adapted to the effects of the financial crisis?
– What role does advancing technology play in today’s market?
– How do leading salespeople leverage content and deliver insights to their clients?

In this study, Capital Position will work with top producers, heads of sales and marketing, sales support, and strategic marketing organizations at investment firms to identify the key elements that enable today’s most productive salespeople.

Scope—This research study will:

    • Mine insights from the leading investment firms around the globe. Our researchers will interview heads of sales and their best producers to obtain a 360 degree view of what defines excellent sales performance in today’s environment.
    • Focus primarily on identifying the components of sales excellence. Secondarily, we will analyse the issues department heads face, and how they are succeeding in this challenging environment.

Content—In our interviews with top producers, we will focus on:

    • Identifying both the key drivers of their success and the barriers they must confront.
    • Defining typical client relationships and what these producers see as 1) best practices in client interactions, 2) the core activities they undertake, and 3) what infrastructure is necessary and what is not.

In our interviews with sales heads, we will focus on:

    • Identifying the key drivers of success for a sales function and the key challenges to business success.
    • Soliciting input about what makes top producers, and what differentiates these high achievers from their colleagues.